Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Find An Introductory Explanation of the Voodoo Religion

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The voodoo religion is common in some parts of the world. It has spread in many other regions formerly plagued by slave trade. The voodoo religion is more than six thousand years old according to researchers, and remains alive because of its spirits and energies that are useful for various purposes, to the voodoo followers. Their God Bon Dieux is kind and generous, allows the spirits to relate with human beings, and manipulates their actions.

The voodoo spirits Loa interact with human beings and are well familiar with the guardian angels for every person who follows the Loa’s religion. They communicate with people via others who are Loa spirits possessed. This spiritual possession reveals itself in a trance, which comes because of singing and dancing to drums and the beats therein. Consequently, the gods and spirits summon the iwa to honor them.

People perceived this religion negatively for a long time in the past, and the main reason for this is this negative perception is that the religion was associated with people who owned plantations and slaves, as a way of revolting or bringing about a rebellion. Hence, the people looked for ways in which to help form their identities and one of the favorable ways they found was in religion and rituals.

When people who owned the slaves tried to destroy the religion, they did not succeed and voodoo still survives to date. People regard the religion as black magic or occultism; nonetheless, there is ongoing education to educate the people on the religion and its practices.

The consequences of a voodoo spell

Today many people more so the ones living in the urban areas do not believe in voodoo anymore, however, there are people who still practice the same and many of them are Africans who began the religion from the post slavery era.

Different effects of a voodoo spell exist, and the first one would be having sleepless nights. People who are operating under a voodoo spell find it very hard to find sleep for no good reason. They will turn and toss in bed all night and before they know, it is already morning and time to get ready for another day. A voodoo spell will target an individual’s sleeping pattern and will not allow then to regain energy, the truth is that a voodoo spell will suck of the available energy.

The person will normally feel very tired and irritated during the day and they will hardly be able to work or concentrate on their regular duties, apparently, the pattern of events here is that they will not sleep, and because they have not rested, will be unable to concentrate on other duties. There are individuals who are able to resist the effects of a voodoo spell, and will make a plan and come up with interesting ideas. Others will have severe headaches whether they slept the previous night or not.

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