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How To Awaken Your Psychic Ability With Mantras!...

What is mantra mediation? Does it work? If yes... HOW does it work? Can I really become psychic, or more spiritually awake, or enlightened through repeating a mantra? Does the actual word itself make a difference, or will any word do? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the use of mantras for the development of psychic ability, and spiritual awakenings of ALL types and stripes as well. Curious to read more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Very simply? It's the use of repetition, through usage of a phrase or word, to bring the mind into a state of hyper focus. When you concentrate on a single word, or sound, or syllable... there is a strange but almost magical effect after a while, where all noise disappears, and something very special, and very spiritual comes into focus.

From a spiritual standpoint...

Most practitioners believe that it "opens" a part of the brain that allows purer consciousness to come in. The idea is very simple: Our brains (and bodies) don't generate our sense of selves. It's consciousness itself... which lives in the universe, or spiritual world, that filters in and allows us to have psychic experiences, or spiritual awakenings. The more open your mind is... the more of this world is allowed to enter!

(it's a pretty cool idea that took ME a long while to wrap my head around (no pun intended!) but when I did... I started having crazy cool clairvoyant and spiritual experiences like crazy)

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Some meditative traditions actually give you a mantra as part of the process of waking up. Others, allow you to pick your own... or don't really put much importance on the actual word itself. I believe that ANY word will do, as it's just the repetitive value of allowing the mind to settle in on a sound for an extended period of time that allows extraordinary experiences to unfold.

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How common are shared NDE's? (Near Death Experiences)

How common are shared NDE's?

Much LESS common than actual near death experiences. As a matter of fact, about 15-20% of all people who have a cardiac arrest and are brought back have an NDE. Only a fraction of people who have an NDE have someone around them who "shares" in the experience.

Are shared experiences more evidential, or more powerful PROOF than just an ordinary NDE?

I say, absolutely. Why? Because if two people, with 2 separate minds, each have a very similar or identical experience, it becomes VERY difficult to explain that away as a hallucination or the product of a dying brain.

There is NO science that can explain how two people can see, smell, taste and travel through the same visual experiences, and if we believe that they are telling the truth, and that there is very little embellishment made, these experiences seem to suggest a REAL "spiritual world" that exists outside of our body's, and can be accessed at the end of life by both the dying, and those who are with the dying as they begin to cross.

What do psychics and mediums believe is happening during these life changing and inspiring experiences?

Truthfully? Most mediums that I have worked with, spoken to or interviewed believe they affirm the reality that the soul, or spirit continues on after physical death. But more importantly, they also provide first hand EVIDENCE that if you love someone, and truly feel that sense of connection to them on an energetic level... you can literally VISIT them in the afterlife dimensions, either while they pass... (as in the shared NDE) or with practice, thereafter, simply by opening yourself up to the power and spiritual potential that lives within us all. (and connects us to those we love... both DURING this life, and forever more as wel

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What Is A Shared Death Experience? Are They Real?

What is a shared death experience? Are they real? What is the evidence? And how does it differ from a near death experience? Is it spooky, scary or frightening? Is it BETTER evidence for an afterlife... or is it very similar to an NDE, and no different at all?

And how common are shared death experiences anyway? Are they more likely to happen in a hospital room, or can they happen anyplace at all? What do they prove... and HOW can we use them to lessen our fear of death overall? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we'll take a quick and insightful look at the phenomena that is referred to as a SNDE, and understand how from a practical standpoint, they might be the BEST "proof" of an afterlife that medical science (and mediums like us!) can offer people in grief. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

What is a shared death experience anyway? What is the definition?

Good question! The standard definition of a SNDE is the "shared" or mutual experience of dying, often with a close loved one, but where only ONE of the people are actually passing away. The second person is simply sharing in the traditional phenomena associated with the NDE, such as seeing the bright light, experiencing a life review, seeing deceased relatives, et al.

Who came up with the name "shared death experience anyway"?

Ironically, the internationally known doctor Raymond Moody, who also coined the phrase "NDE" years ago, was the first person to write about these events in great detail. (and came up with the "shared" part of the name as well, to add to his coining of the Near Death Experience, which is now used worldwide by skeptics, believers and medical professionals as well)

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What Is The Easiest Way To Find A Medium?

What is the easiest way to find a medium? Are all psychics mediums? And, are all mediums created equal? Do all spiritual psychics believe in an afterlife... or is there another explanation that can make equal sense as well? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to find a medium yourself, as well as what I believe is the BIGGEST rule when communicating with spirit to boot. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

The BEST way to find a medium is simple.

1 - It depends a bit on where you live which of these to prioritize first, but every major city has at least one "medium meet up" organization that you can join, and that typically offer meetings every 2 weeks, if not more.

2 - Spiritist (or Spiritualism) Churches are both centered around direct spirit communication, and in most major cities (and some smaller ones) there are free services that you can attend on the weekends, that demonstrate spirit communication. (and in group or galley setting where whoever comes through... comes through!)

Of course NOT all of these organizations are created equal. And there are a lot of flakes, fakes, and even frauds out there as well... although less than the skeptics want you to believe. (when it comes to mediumship, there are more FLAKES than frauds, but you do have to make sure while keeping an open mind, you don't let your brains fall out with some of this stuff!)

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Many People Seek Out Psychic Readings Purely Out Of Curiosity!

Many people seek out psychic readings purely out of curiosity, or to be entertained for an hour or so... and escape the mundane elements of real life.

Still others have a driving need or calling to connect to unseen worlds, or to people they've loved and lost, and look at specialized psychics like mediums as their secret ally in that search.

Believe it or not, many people seek out psychic readings as a way to validate their own world view - be it skeptical or cynical about psychic abilities, to true blue believers, as well as plenty who fall in the middle as curious but not convinced.

(Often the psychic that is selected plays a big role in validating this opinion... for better, or unfortunately, for worse!)

If you're like me, and have always sought out exceptional experiences on the edge of what others consider the norm... the one REAL truth I've learned on my own journey is this:

A good psychic reading can open up a whole new world of power and potential in your life... and expand your sense of what is possible as well. Many of us simply need a gentle nudge in the direction of our dreams, and in that sense, if it gives you that push, speaking to someone whose perspective you like, trust and appreciate can be the very best investment you can make... regardless of whether they're psychic, or not!

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How Can A Psychic Reading Help Me Get Where I Really Want To Go?

What do psychics do? How can a psychic reading help me get where I really want to go? Do psychics only predict the future... or can they offer me more practical tools, tips and techniques to live my life right? What are the sorts of services I should expect, and the kind of questions a psychic can answer, if I do decide to go that route?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about the reasons people would want to call, speak or see a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, or any type of intuitive professional. In real life, there are many diverse drivers and motivations for people who seek out this sort of guidance.

It can range from curiosity, to desperation, to simply adding another interesting adventure to the arsenal experiences many people crave.

Some people use psychic advice very much akin to how others may look at a life coach.

Others turn to specialized spiritual advisor's for energy or healing work, some types of alternative healing modalities, or even to explore or expand their own sense of spiritual connection to something bigger than themselves.

Some want a reading because they have a big decision to make, or feel like they've hit a rut, or have a proverbial fork in the road and want as many unique perspectives as they can have, before forging ahead.

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Do Many Spiritual Teachers Have Religious Ideas?

Many spiritual teachers, even have religious ideas to tell us that we aren't meant to remember our past lives as part of ordinary awareness, or our regular level of consciousness, which is why so few adults recall them, and maybe why kids who DO, pretty uniformly forget them at about the same age.

Some great ways to test all of this for yourself... especially if you are curious but NOT convinced like i have been for most of my life, even as someone who works in the spiritual publishing and advice industry?

Go get a past life reading by a licensed regression therapist. At the very least... if you DO have a powerful experience (about 80% do) you'll have an incredible amount of information by which to begin exploring your own authentic experience as a spiritual being that may transcend individual lifetimes.

And while I'm not convinced that ALL memories that occur in this setting are of genuine lifetimes, and often thing they DO arise from imagination or the subconscious, they can be incredibly inspiring, heating and illuminating in their own right as well.

Of course you can also speak to a psychic or past life astrologer, do specific meditations for previous incarnations and previous lifetime recall, and also do lots of self help dream work as well - it's all good!

The truth is, there is so much we don't know about the magic and the mystery and the meaning of the universe... and so much more about our INNER universe and the wonderful world that lives within us all, that even opening up a slender shred, or peeking through the window just a bit, can truly bring life changing transformations to THIS life, whether you believe or don't!

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How To Tell If You've Lived Before!

Lots of people don't believe in past lives, even though they have inexplicable memories that seem to emanate from lifetimes they can't identify with.

When I first started exploring reincarnation and the idea that our spirit can "move" from body to body I wasn't all that impressed with the evidence.

Why not?

Because I thought that most of the people who remembered past lives were a bit on the new age nutty side, with memories of being a famous king or queen or celebrity, and that rang untrue for me.

The truth?

It was actually ME that was a bit wrong in my assessment of the evidence for past lives.

The VAST majority of past life memories that have been studied seriously have been in children.

Most of these children remember mundane and mediocre past lives of being ordinary people who have died unusually early deaths. (often by violence or through disease)

Strangely... most kids forget their past lives by the age of about 10 or so, and this has led some some super interesting discussions on why that happens. Why would a 7 year old be able to describe events, people, places and lifetimes in incredibly vivid detail, and have many of these things validated as true... and yet a few years later, have absolutely NO memory of these experiences at all.

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What Questions To Ask During A Psychic Reading?

What are the best types of questions to ask during a psychic reading? Are some questions better asked of a specific type of psychic, or should any intuitive, clairvoyant or spiritual advisor be able to help me with what I need to know most?

The truth is, I like to categorize the best questions to ask a reader into very specific categories.

For example?

Manifestation Questions:

How can I manifest the things that I really want... without having to wait?
How can I create the life that I truly believe I was born to live?
Is the law of attraction an effective way of bringing things I want into my life?
What is the easiest way to attract the sort of energy in my life that is most similar to my own?
How do I manifest or attract improvements in my finances or career path in a way that brings me greater reward?
What can I do to improve my financial and career challenges?

Passion and Purpose Questions:

Do I have a life purpose?
How can I tell if there is something that I'm supposed to be doing, that I'm NOT doing the right way, or as planned?
How can I discover that which I'm truly here to accomplish?
How important is it that I be PASSIONATE about my life purpose... or is there just something all of us are here to specially do, whether we like it or not?

Love and Relationship Questions.

Do I have a soulmate? (and if yes... why am I having such trouble finding him/her?)
Is my current relationship going to last?
I have a bad feeling about fidelity and my partner. Is my boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband cheating?

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Are Psychic Mediums Real?

She told me closer to her own passing that she could feel him in bed as her own health declined... hugging her in the same way they she liked him to - many years earlier in physical life.

We've had countless members of our own community share stories over the last year about their own unexpected experiences with spirit... many touching, heartfelt, completely life changing and often, outright impossible to explain away.

(unless you insist those sharing the stories are making them up, or hallucinating... something that many skeptics still claim)

What really impresses me as I re-read many of the encounters my own community has shared about their experiences in the unknown?

We've had incredible accounts from hospice workers and nurses of all kinds who have shared incredible stories of seeing spirits... both in the rooms of the sick, as well as those of their patients... as they left their bodies and crossed into the mysterious realm that awaits.

As I type this... there are at least half a dozen hospice stories in front of me right now, that describe witnessing the spirit of a patient leave the body at the moment of passing... and several of these are attested to by various people in the same room.

There are an incredible array of extraordinary experiences that are FAR more common than most people realize... that include highly credible and incredibly common "felt sense" of spirit - from death bed visions, to crisis apparitions to hyper real dream visitation experiences, amongst many others.

If you want to know the spirit world, you've got to explore it for yourself. An open mind, and a curious spirit is the only real requirement there is.

And of course, a good EVIDENTIAL medium can also be an amazing asset as well, and can be a life changing experience as well.

But it's not the only way to explore the spirit world... and contrary to what many people believe, it's not the most common way that ordinary people get extraordinary evidence that life doesn't end at death.

What have YOUR experiences been?

What evidence do YOU find most personally persuasive... and what has happened in your life that you can't explain? This is the question to start YOUR journey, and the very best place to begin!

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How do you know it's your dead loved one who is talking?

How do you know it's your dead loved one who is talking?

Far from being serious and mysterious, readings are often eye opening and humorous. Our loved ones in the spirit world retain their personality and sense of humour after passing and often share this with me as a way of proving who they are.    I was very surprised when the reading I did this morning started with me putting my feet up on my desk, because this is something I never do. I motioned to take my glasses off, and to take my teeth out (which would have been difficult because I don't have dentures.) I exclaimed, "Thank God I'm home!"   My client immediately burst into tears, telling me that was exactly what her husband did when he came home from work. He would put his feet up, remove his glasses and his teeth, saying, "Thank God I'm home!" After a few minutes of tears and tissues, we were both laughing at his antics and sharing heart warming memories.

Being a Spiritual Medium is a blessing in its truest sense. There is nothing else, no medication, or therapy that can bring such peace and comfort to a bereaved parent, than to be shown by a spiritual medium, that their child lives on and is aware of what is happening in the lives of those left behind. The bond of love never dies and to share in the unconditional love of spirit is a blessing that enriches my life and the lives of all it touches. Talking to spirit never ceases to amaze me. Working as an international spiritual medium for many years you would think that I wouldn't be surprised any more, but each spirit brings their own story and their own surprises.

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Spiritual Mediums and Psychic Mediums - Can They Really Talk to The Dead?

Spiritual Mediums and Psychic Mediums - Can They Really Talk to The Dead?

The language of the spirit is through the heart.   When a spiritual medium communicates with a person who has passed into the spirit world, they listen to their feelings and emotions.   Loved ones in the spirit world share their memories and lives through the use of feelings, thoughts, impressions and mental "snap-shots." which the spiritual medium is sensitive to, and has learned to interpret through experience.

As a spiritual medium it is my job to share the information I receive from spirit in such a way that my client will immediately recognise which loved one is communicating with them.  Many people believe that being a spiritual medium, I am able to read their mind, or that I know all the answers, but this is not true.   I only make myself available for people from the spirit world, for the dead, to come talk to me.   Another misconception is that I can talk to any dead person, just as long as they are dead. This is most definitely not true.   Last week I was contacted by various media outlets, asking me to speak with Michael Jackson.    Without a member of Michael Jackson's family, or a close friend of his, being present i.e. making that connection with me, the chances of Michael talking to me is as likely as it was for him to talk with me when he was alive.

Is Mediumship Real?

When a family member, or friend makes that connection, the possibility for a genuine spiritual medium to connect with loved ones who are recognisable to the sitter, is very high.   I know that talking to the spirit of the dead is real, what I don't know, is why this truth, that mediumship, the ability to communicate with the dead, is authentic and completely real, hasn't been more widely proven.

The misconceptions about spiritual mediums are many. For instance, when people think of visiting a spiritual medium, they often expect to see a strangely dressed individual, who sits, in a dimly lit room, behind a crystal ball, with incense burning and a star laden top sheet covering a purple table cloth strewn with crystals.     A genuine, authentic spiritual medium has no need for props, or dimly lit rooms. They have no need for pseudonyms, however fancy, or mysterious sounding. There is nothing mysterious about being a spiritual medium, or the fact that those who have passed to spirit can communicate with one.

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Psychic Medium or Spiritual Medium Which is Right?

Psychic Medium or Spiritual Medium

 Until a few years ago there wasn't such a thing as a "psychic medium", there were only psychics and mediums. Most mediums are affiliated with the spiritualist movementand are known as spiritual mediums, spirit mediums, spiritist mediums, or spiritualist mediums. These are just different names for the same thing.  Life was easy then, when psychics were psychics and mediums were mediums. Since then the term "psychic medium" has arisen, which is something of an anomaly because being a psychic, or psychic reader and being a medium are two separate and distinct things.

 If you want to communicate with your "dead" loved ones, make sure you contact a spiritual medium, not a psychic medium. Spiritual mediums communicate with the dead, a psychic, doesn't.   There are thousands of psychics, psychic mediums and spiritual mediums advertising on the internet.   In my experience 98% of psychic mediums and spiritual mediums claiming to be able to communicate with your loved ones, cannot live up to their claims. Any psychic medium, or spiritual medium who wishes to challenge me on this, I look forward to receiving proof (you would need to be able to link with MY loved ones.)

Which is best, a psychic, or a medium?

 It depends what you are looking for, but generally

* If your loved one has died and you want to communicate with them, you should use a spiritual medium.

* If you are looking for a person or item that has gone missing, it is best to use a psychic.

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Psychic readers - How do they get these psychic "tools"?

Psychic mediums, psychics, spiritual mediums, psychic readers, online psychic readings, live psychics, clairvoyants, telephone psychics, psychic readings, the internet is swamped with psychics and mediums, so what is the difference? Is there a difference?

 People think that once they have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. they can call themselves a psychic medium, psychic, or spiritual medium. These gifts however, are merely "tools" or methods used to do the work of a psychic, or medium.   Just as a saw, plane, hammer and chisel are tools of the carpenter, you might have the tools, but it doesn't make you a carpenter. Having these "tools" of clairvoyance etc. doesn't necessarily make you a psychic, spiritual medium, or psychic medium.

Psychic readers - How do they get these psychic "tools"?

 It has been known that people who, not originally born with psychic gifts, acquire them after experiencing a traumatic incident, or perhaps, a near death experience. While it is possible for a person to become more psychically aware following a traumatic experience, it still doesn't give them the gifts of mediumship.     They may become psychic, and they might even say they are a psychic medium, but this is not the same as being a spiritual medium who can communicate with the dead.  A Spiritual medium is born with the gift to access the spirit world.

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Seeking and getting the services of a psychic reader find out how!

Online readings have reduced the stress involved in seeking and getting the services of a psychic reader. The long hours of waiting associated with waiting for turns in the houses or homes of psychic readers and burden of having to travel a sometimes long distance to engage the services of readers are also greatly reduced. In fact people from all corners of earth and of all races can actually contact a psychic reader from any part of the world and psychic readings can be conducted for him or her through online psychic chat within seconds. Online chat seems to be the cheapest and the fastest means of online psychic reading.

The process has opened the psychic world to all irrespective of location on earth once both parties can agree on terms and of course share the same language. It is through the process of online chat that people from remotest part of the earth can enjoy the services of great psychic readers in UK, US, Australia, France, Canada and from many other parts of the earth. Through the process many people have got psychic problems solved within matter of minutes without venturing out his or her homes.

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Why People Are Hesitant To Hear What Psychics Have To Say

Why People Are Hesitant To Hear What Psychics Have To Say

Although readings are very popular, not everyone is open to the possibility of seeking psychic advice. The major reason of their hesitation to receive readings, is that they're actually scared that they might get bad luck from the reading. But truth be told, you can never get bad luck from psychics. In fact, psychics can even help you turn your luck around!

Psychic Readings: It's Not Always Good News

Yes, that's right -- psychics can even help you turn your luck around. Generally speaking, readings can give you a sneak peek of the future. However, there is no guarantee that you'll always hear good news whenever you seek a psychic.

But then, even if a psychic brings bad news, it's not the end of the world. Remember, readers aren't written in stone; they're simple just a prediction of the future. The outcome of the future can still be altered depending on what you do in the present time.

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