Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Types Of Psychic Reading Tools

These can range from tarot cards which are an advice method, to the pendulum, to runes and also tea leaves, basically these tools help the psychic reader concentrate and they are magical but the magic comes from the mind power of the psychic reader, another popular tool is listed below in more detail.

The occult study of numbers and their relation to conditions in human life is known as numerology. It is a gathering of facts and knowledge that have been valued by the elite and heads of state for many centuries. This practice involves analyzing birth dates and the numerical values of ones names…etc. to assist in important decisions. To learn more about the numerical values in your life you will need to contact a psychic who is skilled in numerology.
Remember not all psychics are medium as mediums work on a higher vibration, a psychic is really a sensitive – a fortune teller so although talented they are not equipped to contact the minds of the deceased.

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