Saturday, 29 May 2010

Best Phone Medium Explains About Life After Death

‘I have to tell you now what happens when people pass over. They are allowed to stay near the body that they have left behind and they can hear and see all those who come into the room, how long they stay is decided by those who have come to help them over.

Although they no longer feel pain and are whole again it does tire them out. We also have to understand that time as we know time is not the same as they experience now. Also if somebody is in a coma type sleep before they die they can float about in and out of their body again they are not alone when this happens. So this would explain that people close to death do visit those that they love and if you are asleep or near to sleep in a mediative state you may experience that meeting with them.

Loved ones that have passed over are able to hear all that you say and they answer your questions but most people are not at this time able to hear for they are grieving their loss and their ears are not picking up the sound, this is normal but please know they are ok and want you to move on in life, you won't leave them behind but you would be helping them in their new life. In time you will understand more about life after death, for they are not dead but very much alive and will still help those they have left behind. No more good-byes, no more tears, be happy for them, no more pain , they can travel wherever they want, no more rain, snow, cold. And in time you will all meet again, one big party!’

The above information given to a client is from a very good platform, trance and psychic phone medium reader known as Dave working for an upscale psychic phone readings brand found at the bottom of this page.

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