Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Are Psychics And Mediums Trained To What They Do?

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I guess you have probably thought at some time if psychics and mediums are trained to what they do? Well to a certain degree everyone has psychic ability of some sort. Just think of when you use your intuition, as that is a form of psychic awareness. Well the good news is that you can get trained to develop your awareness over time.

Of course some people are born psychic but they still have to channel their energy and are always evolving. If you have wondered if psychics and mediums are trained to what they do then to some extent yes is the answer. You have to have a real desire to help people and not use this just for fun.

There are programs around that are for psychic training and these will show you how to develop your psychic abilities. When you think about it, every culture has had healers and mystics. These are usually passed down from the elders to the youngsters. You have to have faith in the unknown and focus on the positive side of life first though.

It is no good if you are a negative thinking person as the training is based on the positive spiritual side of life. Yoga training is one of the things that can help you focus on the chakra centre and to open them up. As you open each chakra then you will find that you have abilities that are becoming mystical.

Yoga training helps a person to bypass the thinking mind and to reach out for the spiritual mind. When you think back, for centuries there has been ‘witchcraft’ when someone had psychic power. People paid for a soothsayer and mystics to tell them about their future. Of course this has produced fear over the years and ‘witchcraft’ has sometimes been frowned upon, especially with the Church.

Scientists have now learnt that there is psychic ability that is separate from the mind so it is not surprising that people are turning more and more to psychics and medium to help them in their lives.

Animals are even forewarned of natural disasters which allows them to get to safety just before something happens. It is a natural born instinct in them. They obviously have no psychic training, but something forewarns them of what is ahead so they can act accordingly. So to some degree it is inborn in most of us but we do need training to help to bring it out and control it.

You can tap into your psychic awareness but you do need to be trained a certain way so you avoid any pitfalls. So if you have been wondering whether psychic and mediums are trained to what they know, they this is a yes and no answer. Yes in the way that they are always training themselves to learn more and develop more and no in the fact that they already have the gift of telling the future.


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