Wednesday, 22 June 2011


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Human beings have always been curious to know what the future holds for them and they go to whatever source they can find to get some guidance or any kind of reassurance that the future would be as anticipated. For this purpose the most enlightening tool available is the Tarot reading which truly helps people pounder over their thoughts and emotions. The most use of Tarot reading is for issues that concern someone in the present or those that are about to occur somewhere in the near future that is not too from six months.

Tarot spreads help in Tarot readings that can be related to any walk of life be it regarding ones personal growth, career, family, love or relationships. Tarot spreads are of all types and you can chose the one that most suits the issue you are interested in finding out about. Most Tarot spreads are performed using cards. The cards used for this purpose are not like the regular playing cards that we use. Rather this deck has 78 cards in it and each card has a certain drawing or symbol made on it. The Tarot spread is performed by first shuffling up the cards. This shuffling has to be done by the person who is receiving the Tarot reading. The person is asked to fully concentrate on the question or issue he or she wants to find answers to and then shuffle the deck of cards. It is believed that in doing so the energy of that person’s thinking is transferred into the cards.

After this process of shuffling up the cards, the person giving the Tarot reading lays out all the cards in a certain pattern. Many different patterns exist depending on the issue under question. These different patterns are called ‘spreads’. Some patterns can be made by only one card of the deck whereas in others all 78 cards may also be used. Therefore depending on the issue under question, the tarot reader will lay out the cards in a certain spread. The most commonly used spread is the ‘Celtic Cross’ spread. The position in which each card is laid out on the table will have a different meaning. Only the experienced Tarot readers can interpret these meanings. Each card also represents a different meaning. Together the card meanings along with the position meanings tell the Tarot reader a certain answer related to the question under concern.

These days we can also find Tarot readings spreads on the internet as well. There are many different websites like the famous Raven’s Tarot Site who gives out Tarot readings through spreads on the internet. All with the help of a few clicks you can literally shuffle up the deck of cards and see them been laid out in a certain spread. Here at this site you can get a Tarot reading for almost anything and everything. For example the famous Blind Spot is a four – card spread reading that helps you know what other people think of you and how you are so you can reflect upon it and if needed make certain adjustments in yourself.

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