Monday, 9 January 2012

Astrological readings and their significance

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Astrology is the science of studying how the position of the planets and the stars at the time of a person’s birth can have a direct influence on how their life turns out to be. It is an ancient science that is followed in many societies whose roots are founded in the ancient civilizations of the Eastern world. Most of these civilizations believed that an astrological chart was the best indicator of a person’s character, psyche, special talents and primary beliefs. Therefore any reading of a person’s astrological chart is never just about the present but also about what has happened in the past to qualify the present. Trying to understand how a person’s future will shape is one of the main reasons to seek an astrological reading. Whether it is to find out if it is the time for marriage, setting up a new business or to check out if going abroad is possible, modern people have many reasons for seeking out an astrological reading. However, it is important that they find a reader who is able to provide them with answers to their questions and not just vague generalizations.

There are different types of astrological readings and each has its own way of helping a person understand how his or her life will shape up and also help to prepare for it. Some of the most well known are Natal readings, Transit readings, Progressed readings and Compatibility readings. These readings are performed at least once a year to see how the different positions of the planets will affect their life from that time. Natal chart readings help to gain perspective about a person’s personality, special and untapped talents, possible opportunities and upcoming challenges if any. This type of reading is dependent upon where the person was born and at what time. If accurate birth date and time are provided all good astrologers can draw up a chart that is both accurate and properly indicative of what the future beholds.

Transit readings are usually performed once or twice a year and help in identifying prospective changes that might change the way a person conducts his/ her life both economically and philosophically. Progressed readings are conducted once a year to see what it is that a person’s inner self – soul for want of a better word – really seeks and what pathways are open to attain what the soul thinks is right. Compatibility readings are very helpful to check if two people can co exist in harmony and bring development and progress not only to themselves but also those around them. These readings are not just for marriages but are also effective to find out about partners in businesses.

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