Thursday, 12 September 2013

Psychic Mediums Are Very Popular These Days With Many Television Shows...

Psychic mediums are very popular these days with many television shows from celebrities like John Edwards, Lisa William, Chip Coffey and more. Because of this a lot of people are asking "Is it real?" Well let me say Yes and No. Just like any profession, there are people who make a bad name for everyone else. Mechanics for example. There are great, honest mechanics and then there are those who are not.

I have seen scam artists who do a reading for a few dollars and then say that the client has some bad energy around them and for x amount per session they can get rid of it. Funny thing about it though is every client they see has the same problem. Then there are the real ones, the ones with integrity that really want to help people. The ones that defy scientific explanation.

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