Friday, 11 April 2014

Do real psychics exist? Are they out there......

Do real psychics exist? Are they out there....and how do you find them? Or, is the whole idea of psychic phenomena silly, specious and something that only small minded people pay attention to anyway? In this article we are going to tackle the tough terrain of REAL psychic readers, powers and potentials, and see how you can get YOUR first reading and prove it to yourself! (the best way to believe in anything is to experience it, NOT to read about it)

Filed Under: Psychic Abilities That Are Proven to Be True?

It sort of depends on your definition of "proof". But did you know that in the summer of 2009, one of the LEADING skeptics and psychic "de bunkers" in the world (Dr. Richard Wiseman) pronounced that psychic abilities HAD been proven by any reasonable scientific standard? (he further stated that he simply still doesn't believe, just because...well, there HAS to be a "good" explanation) Things like remote viewing have been used by governments around the world, in clandestine operations PROVING that people can "see" stuff happening in other parts of the world, AND in other people's minds!

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