Monday, 5 October 2015

Contacting Your Guide Doesn't Happen Over Night!

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A common query or concern for people interested in their psychic development is about contacting their spirit guide. They often get frustrated when it doesn't happen after one meditation, or even after a few attempts at making contact with them.

Contacting your guide doesn't happen over night. It can take many attempts and years of practice for some people. Others still don't know who their guides are, but they still manage to work psychically and often to do platform work as mediums quite successfully.

I worked consistently for a number of years, including meditating for years while 'seeing' nothing at all, before I began to see things in mind's eye, or making contact with my guides. I started working on my own when I was about 14 and made contact with my first one when I was around the age of 23 while I was on a Reiki course.

Maybe people are too used to having things instantly today, or getting a quick fix. You can't, it doesn't work like that.

Anyway, connecting with your spirit guide is not absolutely essential. In some endeavours it makes spirit communication a little easier but there is plenty you can do without them.

Maybe people think their spirit guide will tell them what to do, or give them a shortcut, or magic word and that will deliver everything they wish. They won't, it doesn't work like that.

Once you have the basics in place (protection, opening, closing & grounding) I would suggest an all rounded approach to your spiritual and psychic development: working with lots of different subjects to find what you are good at, or drawn to. Include some work to contact your spirit guide but don't make it the primary focus or you will get frustrated if you can't do it.


If you are focussing on your spirit guide, and not having contact with them you will block your own flow of energy, and development. Relax!
Accept that your guides will be there without the need for proof or contact.
Talk to them anyway and thank them for their help.
Meditate regularly.
Ask them to be near and to communicate with you.
Be open minded and look out for signs that they are around - for example meaningful coincidences, repeat symbols, unusual sounds, white feathers.
Try dowsing to open up the lines of communication with them
Enjoy what you learn along the way, and in time, with practice and patience you may well get to see, feel, or speak with your spirit guide. And if you don't you will have learnt a lot and developed your skills regardless, and as a result you will be rewarded in many other ways.

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