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How To Awaken Your Psychic Ability With Mantras!...

What is mantra mediation? Does it work? If yes... HOW does it work? Can I really become psychic, or more spiritually awake, or enlightened through repeating a mantra? Does the actual word itself make a difference, or will any word do? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the use of mantras for the development of psychic ability, and spiritual awakenings of ALL types and stripes as well. Curious to read more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Very simply? It's the use of repetition, through usage of a phrase or word, to bring the mind into a state of hyper focus. When you concentrate on a single word, or sound, or syllable... there is a strange but almost magical effect after a while, where all noise disappears, and something very special, and very spiritual comes into focus.

From a spiritual standpoint...

Most practitioners believe that it "opens" a part of the brain that allows purer consciousness to come in. The idea is very simple: Our brains (and bodies) don't generate our sense of selves. It's consciousness itself... which lives in the universe, or spiritual world, that filters in and allows us to have psychic experiences, or spiritual awakenings. The more open your mind is... the more of this world is allowed to enter!

(it's a pretty cool idea that took ME a long while to wrap my head around (no pun intended!) but when I did... I started having crazy cool clairvoyant and spiritual experiences like crazy)

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Some meditative traditions actually give you a mantra as part of the process of waking up. Others, allow you to pick your own... or don't really put much importance on the actual word itself. I believe that ANY word will do, as it's just the repetitive value of allowing the mind to settle in on a sound for an extended period of time that allows extraordinary experiences to unfold.

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