Thursday, 17 September 2015

Do Many Spiritual Teachers Have Religious Ideas?

Many spiritual teachers, even have religious ideas to tell us that we aren't meant to remember our past lives as part of ordinary awareness, or our regular level of consciousness, which is why so few adults recall them, and maybe why kids who DO, pretty uniformly forget them at about the same age.

Some great ways to test all of this for yourself... especially if you are curious but NOT convinced like i have been for most of my life, even as someone who works in the spiritual publishing and advice industry?

Go get a past life reading by a licensed regression therapist. At the very least... if you DO have a powerful experience (about 80% do) you'll have an incredible amount of information by which to begin exploring your own authentic experience as a spiritual being that may transcend individual lifetimes.

And while I'm not convinced that ALL memories that occur in this setting are of genuine lifetimes, and often thing they DO arise from imagination or the subconscious, they can be incredibly inspiring, heating and illuminating in their own right as well.

Of course you can also speak to a psychic or past life astrologer, do specific meditations for previous incarnations and previous lifetime recall, and also do lots of self help dream work as well - it's all good!

The truth is, there is so much we don't know about the magic and the mystery and the meaning of the universe... and so much more about our INNER universe and the wonderful world that lives within us all, that even opening up a slender shred, or peeking through the window just a bit, can truly bring life changing transformations to THIS life, whether you believe or don't!

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