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How common are shared NDE's? (Near Death Experiences)

How common are shared NDE's?

Much LESS common than actual near death experiences. As a matter of fact, about 15-20% of all people who have a cardiac arrest and are brought back have an NDE. Only a fraction of people who have an NDE have someone around them who "shares" in the experience.

Are shared experiences more evidential, or more powerful PROOF than just an ordinary NDE?

I say, absolutely. Why? Because if two people, with 2 separate minds, each have a very similar or identical experience, it becomes VERY difficult to explain that away as a hallucination or the product of a dying brain.

There is NO science that can explain how two people can see, smell, taste and travel through the same visual experiences, and if we believe that they are telling the truth, and that there is very little embellishment made, these experiences seem to suggest a REAL "spiritual world" that exists outside of our body's, and can be accessed at the end of life by both the dying, and those who are with the dying as they begin to cross.

What do psychics and mediums believe is happening during these life changing and inspiring experiences?

Truthfully? Most mediums that I have worked with, spoken to or interviewed believe they affirm the reality that the soul, or spirit continues on after physical death. But more importantly, they also provide first hand EVIDENCE that if you love someone, and truly feel that sense of connection to them on an energetic level... you can literally VISIT them in the afterlife dimensions, either while they pass... (as in the shared NDE) or with practice, thereafter, simply by opening yourself up to the power and spiritual potential that lives within us all. (and connects us to those we love... both DURING this life, and forever more as wel

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