Thursday, 17 September 2015

How To Tell If You've Lived Before!

Lots of people don't believe in past lives, even though they have inexplicable memories that seem to emanate from lifetimes they can't identify with.

When I first started exploring reincarnation and the idea that our spirit can "move" from body to body I wasn't all that impressed with the evidence.

Why not?

Because I thought that most of the people who remembered past lives were a bit on the new age nutty side, with memories of being a famous king or queen or celebrity, and that rang untrue for me.

The truth?

It was actually ME that was a bit wrong in my assessment of the evidence for past lives.

The VAST majority of past life memories that have been studied seriously have been in children.

Most of these children remember mundane and mediocre past lives of being ordinary people who have died unusually early deaths. (often by violence or through disease)

Strangely... most kids forget their past lives by the age of about 10 or so, and this has led some some super interesting discussions on why that happens. Why would a 7 year old be able to describe events, people, places and lifetimes in incredibly vivid detail, and have many of these things validated as true... and yet a few years later, have absolutely NO memory of these experiences at all.

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