Thursday, 3 September 2015

Spiritual Mediums and Psychic Mediums - Can They Really Talk to The Dead?

Spiritual Mediums and Psychic Mediums - Can They Really Talk to The Dead?

The language of the spirit is through the heart.   When a spiritual medium communicates with a person who has passed into the spirit world, they listen to their feelings and emotions.   Loved ones in the spirit world share their memories and lives through the use of feelings, thoughts, impressions and mental "snap-shots." which the spiritual medium is sensitive to, and has learned to interpret through experience.

As a spiritual medium it is my job to share the information I receive from spirit in such a way that my client will immediately recognise which loved one is communicating with them.  Many people believe that being a spiritual medium, I am able to read their mind, or that I know all the answers, but this is not true.   I only make myself available for people from the spirit world, for the dead, to come talk to me.   Another misconception is that I can talk to any dead person, just as long as they are dead. This is most definitely not true.   Last week I was contacted by various media outlets, asking me to speak with Michael Jackson.    Without a member of Michael Jackson's family, or a close friend of his, being present i.e. making that connection with me, the chances of Michael talking to me is as likely as it was for him to talk with me when he was alive.

Is Mediumship Real?

When a family member, or friend makes that connection, the possibility for a genuine spiritual medium to connect with loved ones who are recognisable to the sitter, is very high.   I know that talking to the spirit of the dead is real, what I don't know, is why this truth, that mediumship, the ability to communicate with the dead, is authentic and completely real, hasn't been more widely proven.

The misconceptions about spiritual mediums are many. For instance, when people think of visiting a spiritual medium, they often expect to see a strangely dressed individual, who sits, in a dimly lit room, behind a crystal ball, with incense burning and a star laden top sheet covering a purple table cloth strewn with crystals.     A genuine, authentic spiritual medium has no need for props, or dimly lit rooms. They have no need for pseudonyms, however fancy, or mysterious sounding. There is nothing mysterious about being a spiritual medium, or the fact that those who have passed to spirit can communicate with one.

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